Measuring Results: Get the Metrics You Want

We help you measure and understand the impact of your messaging, content and PR efforts by providing you with clear, practical metrics.

Before we write a single line or launch the first campaign, we’ll talk with you about the metrics you want and need. That way, we don’t overwhelm you with useless data and measurements that don’t matter. Download and read stats … open and clickthrough rates … views, tweets, likes … page views and shares … conversions … whatever matters most to you.

Here is a sampling of our clients’ success.

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Messaging Success: Capturing Workforce Data’s Sexier Side

Client:  OptForce

Workforce optimization isn’t exactly the world’s sexiest business solution. But once employers understand its impressive benefits, it’s hot stuff. The problem is getting employers’ attention in the first place … then helping them grasp this complex, science-based, data-driven solution quickly. Without great messaging and clear storytelling, it simply can’t be done. That’s why OptForce—a true innovator in workforce planning and optimization—called on us for help.

Our messaging experts began by sitting with the OptForce management team for three days—asking questions and absorbing their expertise. Afterward, we distilled what we’d learned into a Key Messaging document containing clear, plain-language statements that define OptForce’s unique value proposition, its benefits to buyers, its points of differentiation, and its unique blend of technology, science and specialized consultation. We also crafted the company’s elevator pitch and media relations boilerplate. All of these messaging assets now serve as the foundation of a successful new website (which we helped to develop) and the company’s rapidly expanding marketing, sales and PR initiatives.

“The messaging we developed with fisher VISTA was fantastic. We’re extremely impressed by how quickly they came up to speed on our technology and then created compelling messages and content to describe it. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.” – Dr. James Kelly, OptTek Systems CEO & President



Content and PR Success: Survey Says … and Everyone Listens

Client:  EmployeeScreenIQ

Hundreds of business professionals participate in EmployeeScreenIQ’s survey on employment screening trends each year—and thousands more download the resulting report, which has become an industry touchstone. This report has garnered coverage from major media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and the Philadelphia Enquirer.

Of course, success like this doesn’t just happen on its own. Over time, the EmployeeScreenIQ and fisher VISTA teams have grown the survey’s scope … zeroed in on the industry’s hottest issues … and provided increasingly rich analysis. Today, the survey report is an eagerly awaited piece of content among business owners and throughout the HR sector. To continually grow the interest and attention the report receives, we help EmployeeScreenIQ create integrated promotional campaigns, conduct targeted media relations, and spread the word across social media channels. This is how we turn a single piece of content into months of heightened brand visibility.

“Not only have we created lead generation and marketplace engagement with the survey, we’ve also cultivated thought leadership through white papers, webinars and media outreach. You can see why this all-encompassing project is my favorite.” Nick Fishman, Chief Marketing Officer, EmployeeScreenIQ


Content Success: Ramp Up Those Downloads!

Client:  Reviewsnap

When you go to the trouble of creating great content, you want to get into the hands of your key audiences. That means promotion and downloads. And that’s exactly what Reviewsnap wanted when they engaged us.

Prior to our collaboration, the company was accustomed to achieving about 50 downloads per content piece. We worked closely with Reviewsnap’s subject matter experts to pack each new piece of content with actionable recommendations and insights. We also leveraged the company’s increasingly successful blog to generate attention for the new content. And we developed creative email campaigns to spread the word about content pieces as they were issued. The last two white papers we assisted Reviewsnap with achieved more than 150 downloads within the first 24 hours of their release, and a client case study we wrote generated nearly 130 downloads in the first 24 hours. With downloads on the upswing, Reviewsnap’s brand profile is flying high.

“I can go on and on about what a wonderful experience it is to work with fisher VISTA — from the team’s tremendous expertise and preparation, to the excellent content writing and design – which lead to more than 200 percent jump in the downloads of our premium content.” – Chris Arringdale, VP of Marketing, Reviewsnap


Content & PR Successes: Turning a PR Buzzkill into Seriously Killer Buzz

Client:  United Benefit Advisors

When it comes to PR, some things are beyond your control, even when you’re an industry stalwart like United Benefit Advisors (UBA). We’d been working with UBA to create a series of articles to educate employers about critical regulatory changes they’d soon face in the wake of pending healthcare reforms. These articles were sure to be PR gold and the work had been going beautifully—until the government suddenly slammed the brakes on several key aspects of the legislation.

Instead of treating this development like a PR buzzkill, UBA and fisher VISTA did some fast brainstorming and wrote a blog post cautioning employers not to delay preparing for several requirements that were not going to be delayed despite the government’s actions. Within 24 hours of issuing the post, UBA had been contacted by The New York Times, Thomson Reuters, Employee Benefit News, and HR Magazine—all seeking interviews and commentary. The post earned more than 3,000 initial views and 217 shares on LinkedIn, and the resulting media attention caused UBA’s Facebook activity to soar by 1,500%. The company also received nearly 1,000 email responses and 100 contact forms from interested companies. Sometimes, when things go sideways in PR, it’s actually an opportunity to rise above the crowd.

“UBA received less than three media placements annually before working with fisher VISTA. In the past 30 days alone, we received more than 500 media placements.” Bill Olson, Chief Marketing Officer, UBA


 PR and Content Success: Integrated PR, “Awesome” Results

Client:  Visier Workforce Analytics

Visier Workforce Analytics helps HR departments unlock the value of their workforce data, so it knows the importance of great information. The company asked fisher VISTA to raise its profile among key audiences through an integrated, information-rich PR campaign. And we had just six months to deliver results.

We began by designing a survey to generate data that we could pitch to trade publications and share with HR professionals interested in workforce analytics—a hot and trending topic. Next we wrote a detailed report on the survey’s findings … issued a series of press releases to promote the report … and published thought-leadership articles and guest blog posts highlighting the report’s key data points. We also pitched Visier’s solutions to Human Resource Executive magazine’s annual awards competition, which garnered Visier an award as one of 2012’s “Awesome New Technologies for HR.” Just goes to show what a truly integrated PR campaign can do.

“fisher VISTA truly exceeded our targets.” – Dave Weisbeck, Visier’s Chief Strategy Officer 


Messaging Success: Emerging from the Shadows

Client:  Shadowmatch

Although it was well known abroad, the Shadowmatch brand was virtually anonymous in North America. And the company’s primary marketing tool—its website—wasn’t helping matters. Its messaging and tone clearly hadn’t been calibrated to the U.S. marketplace.

To get the company’s messaging on point for its North American push, we began by holding a series of interviews with Shadowmatch’s clients and key stakeholders. Then we refocused Shadowmatch’s messaging to better resonate with U.S. target audiences (including HR buyers, potential partners and the media) and differentiate the company from more established domestic competitors. With the new messaging in place, we revised Shadowmatch’s website and helped to showcase its original content more effectively. The result? Increased site traffic and significantly higher click rates. The Shadowmatch brand definitely isn’t in the shadows anymore.

“Basically, we rewrote every page on our site with the new messaging we created with fisher VISTA. The overall feedback has been extremely positive.” — Adrian Wood, Shadowmatch Business Development


Content Success: Easing the Pain of Posting

Client:  Reviewsnap

Showcasing your company’s expertise in snappy blog posts can be a tall challenge. After all, it’s a never-ending job that can devour your staff’s precious time. That’s one of the main reasons Reviewsnap decided to partner with fisher VISTA on its blog.

Using our powerful HRmarketer Insight software, we work with Reviewsnap to survey the latest developments and social conversations revolving around Reviewsnap’s areas of expertise—performance reviews and management, 360-degree feedback, compensation, learning and development, employee engagement and more. And then we collaborate to leverage that marketplace chatter in Reviewsnap’s blog posts so the company is always on the cutting-edge of sharing its knowledge and expertise—all without laboring for hours over every single post. We’re happy to report that readership of Reviewsnap’s blog has hit a new high, and managing the entire writing and posting process has never been less of a hassle.

“fisher VISTA has helped us showcase our expertise on our blog. The posts are always fresh and current, and the increased page views aren’t bad either!” – Chris Arringdale, VP of Marketing, Reviewsnap



PR Success: Hitting the Big Time Takes a Little Time

Client:  United Benefit Advisors

When it comes to PR, patience and persistence are essential. If you possess them, the payoff can be extraordinary—as it was for United Benefit Advisors (UBA).

We helped UBA nurture a relationship with a New York Times reporter for months, sending the journalist fresh UBA news and original content on a regular basis for a year, progressively growing UBA’s value and credibility. Then, suddenly, lightning struck. The journalist was rushing to finish a story about health care reform. Her deadline was just hours away and she needed some insights from an expert source. She called us immediately and we set up a interview with UBA’s CEO. Her story—complete with quotes from the CEO—appeared in the Times’ “Business Day” section and was also picked up by CNBC. The UBA team agreed that the months of effort—and the final whirlwind of activity—had all been worth it. When it comes to PR, patience and persistence are more than mere virtues. They’re necessities.

“UBA received less than three media placements annually before working with fisher VISTA. In the past 30 days alone, we’ve received more than 500 media placements.”  – Bill Olson, Chief Marketing Officer, United Benefit Advisors


Content Success: Inspiring Leadership and Leads

Client:  RealTime Performance

The mission of RealTime Performance is to help clients transform employees into inspired leaders. So, when the company engaged us to create a content piece to raise its brand awareness, we focused on inspiration. Literally.

We developed a monthly tip sheet, called Inspire 10×10, that RealTime Performance would email to subscribers, providing them with 10 tips and 10 resources to motivate and educate them to become better leaders. We wrote the inaugural issue and promoted it through integrated PR and email campaigns. In less than a year, the publication’s subscriber base grew to 2,000 individuals at hundreds of organizations. The publication also increased traffic to the RealTime website. Inspire 10×10 continues to generate qualified sales leads and enhance RealTime Performance’s reputation as an industry thought leader. Inspiring results, indeed.

“Our collaboration with fisher VISTA increased brand awareness within our target market and led directly to attracting new clients.” — Sean Murray, President, RealTime Performance


PR Success: Striking Gold with the National Press

Client:  EmployeeScreenIQ

Sometimes, you have a story so compelling you won’t settle for anything less than PR gold. Take EmployeeScreenIQ, for example. We were so impressed with its recent survey findings that we declined pitching them to reporters en masse. Instead, we matched specific key findings to individual media outlets … issued a press release targeted to these outlets … pitched key members of the HR trade media on the most relevant survey findings … and reached out to our own network to swiftly spread the word about EmployeeScreenIQ’s survey.

All this work paid off when USA Today published an article prominently citing EmployeeScreenIQ’s survey and linking readers directly to the company’s website. The article also appeared across Gannett’s extensive news syndicate and in The Wall Street Journal and U.S. News & World Report. And The Philadelphia Inquirer wrote a piece linking to the survey report and presenting EmployeeScreenIQ as a subject matter expert. Eureka! PR gold.